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How far is the present Campus from Railway Station and Airport?

The transit campus is located at MP Bhoj Open University Campus, Kolar Road (0755-2493736) and within 5 KM from Habibganj railway station, 13 KM from Bhopal railway station and 19 KM from Raja Bhoj Airport, Bhopal. It is well connected to every part of the city through city bus, autorikshaws, taxis, etc.  

Regarding sufficient nos. of classrooms & labs?

NIFT Bhopal has the sufficient no. of Class Rooms / Labs including workshops,   fully equipped with the required infrastructure for all the three programmes i.e. Master of Fashion Management, Bachelor of Design (Textile Design)  and (Accessory Design).

Where is the proposed permanent campus of NIFT Bhopal going to be located?

Government of Madhya Pradesh has allotted a plot of land measuring 29 acres at Bhouri, Bhopal. It is about 5 kilometer from the Airport and adjacent to the Indian Institute of Science Education & Research (IISER) and School of Planning & Architect  (SPA).

How long will it take for the new campus to be established and where will the Institute function from till then?

The construction has since started.  It is expected to be completed by March, 2016. Presently the classes for the students admitted to NIFT Bhopal are conducted at its transit campus situated at MP Bhoj (Open) University, Kolar Road, in the heart of Bhopal city.


How many courses NIFT Bhopal is offering presently?

At present NIFT Bhopal offers two undergraduate (four years) Bachelor of Design programmes in Textile Design and Accessory Design  respectively and one Master of Fashion Management programme of (2 years).

Does NIFT  Bhopal offers short term (evening ) programmes also?

NIFT Bhopal offers certain courses under Continuing Education Programme (Part-Time) as well, the details of the same is available on the website .

What about laboratories?

NIFT Bhopal has fully equipped Laboratories with state-of-the art equipments & machineries etc. as well trained & experienced Lab Assistant, / Machine Mechanics etc.

What about the Library?

NIFT Bhopal has a its own full automated Library (Resource Centre) with  sufficient nos. of Books / Publications & latest editions on core subjects / International Journals/ Forecast / Swatches/ E-Materials & so on .  Our Resource Centre is also linked with “DELNET” through National Resource Centre, New Delhi.  

What about hostel facilities?

NIFT Bhopal Centre provides Hostel facility to girls students .  It also facilitates the PG Hostel etc. for boys students.  NIFT Bhopal has three Hostel Buildings  at  “Tagore Girls Hostel”, “Satpura Girls Hostel” and “Narmada Girls Hostel”  with double / triple occupancy rooms,  equipped with the bed, mattresses, study table, chair, almirah, etc.  It has a visitor’s room, pantry, medical room,  lady Hostel Warden, Doctor on call, etc. . The hostel has recreation room with Dish TV and sports facility like Table Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball and Basket Ball.

Has any arrangement been made for health care of students?

Doctor on call and ex-servicemen security guards, lady caretaker / lady hostel warden, are available to make the hostels safe & secure. The lady doctor & lady psychologist visit the campus on alternate days for health & related problems.

Anti-Ragging  Policy ?

NIFT Bhopal  follows strict Anti-Ragging Policy & sensitizes all the students in this regard.  All the students are required to submit Anti-Ragging undertaking 

What about transport facilities?

Dedicated Bus facility is  available for the students, all days including holidays for transportation / visit to city / field trip/ Industry visit & so on.

Regarding  Canteen / Mess facilities?

A canteen / mess on the campus provides wholesome & hygienic food to all the students by the outsourced agency, which is monitored by a committee, comprising faculty / officers as well as students, on regular basis.  Students are provided unlimited breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snacks on all the days.

Regarding Internet facility?

NIFT Bhopal campus is wi-fi enabled  and dedicated 100 MBPS (OFC) NKN high speed internet facility  is provided to all the students through wi-fi. They can access internet through wi-fi on their laptops anywhere in the campus.

Regarding “stationery items”, photocopy etc. on campus?

The stationary and consumable items of the academic requirements are made available on the campus NIFT-Shop. Photocopying, printing, binding and lamination,  documentation services are also available at reasonable rates.

What about “Medical” facility?

 A qualified female medical Doctor visit the campus on alternative days (evening) for consultation (Free of charge medical facility).  The Doctor is available on call-basis also in case of emergency.  The Doctor can also be consulted at her/his clinic without any fees to be paid by the students.

Is there any “Medi-claim” Insurance for students?

All the students are insured for the hospitalization through Medi-claim facility.  Each student is insured for up to Rs. 75, 000/- annual limits of hospitalization expenses.  Hospitals in Bhopal and at major cities across India provide cash-less hospitalization facility to our students.

Is there any “Counselor” for NIFT Bhopal students?

A qualified clinical psychologist visits the campus on alternate for counseling.  The students can approach her, (without any fees), for counseling and other issues related to home sickness, settling down, interpersonal relations, etc. She also conducts regular workshops on the campus on inter-personal relationships, group dynamics, stress management, etc.

Hostel Committee ?

A Hostel Committee (including student representative) looks after all the issues related to hostel/ upkeep / maintenance/security & related issues, on regular basis, in order to provide proper comfort / facilities to the hostellers.


NIFT Bhopal has Student Development Activity Coordinator called SDAC in short.  The SDAC’s  office addresses all matters pertaining to students disciplines (preventive & curative), grievances, academic achievement & overall development etc. through close interactions with students, faculty, professionals, NGOs & other institutions to address issues of concerns & through conduct  of various development activities such as-Internship, discipline, hostel, medical facility , student clubs (sports /literary / ethics etc.).

Miscellaneous Information

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