Lively and vibrant campus is complemented with facilities that equal the best in the world at NIFT Delhi. Creative architecture and spaciousness defines the NIFT building, which house fully equipped lecture rooms, design studios and laboratories, resource centre, activity centres. The education structure emphasises hands-on experience through practical set-ups and state-of-the-art technology.

Design Studios & Techno Labs

The design studios on campus offer ample opportunity to students to experiment and innovate, while the laboratories provide hi-technology work areas covering real-time aspects of the industry


Resource Center

The National Resource Centre and the Resource Centre at New Delhi are pillars of information and knowledge management. Each Resource Centre has an integrated collection of print, visual and creative material resources—the only systematically documented source of information available in India for study of international and contemporary Indian fashion. The Resource Centre also provide information services to the design community, industry practitioners and entrepreneurs.