The National Institute of Fashion Technology, a premier academic institute of design, management and technology, aims at establishing the benchmark for the quality of professionals that go into the fashion industry. The Institute provides comprehensive and state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment to impart both practical and theoretical training. The facilities and services offered to the students allow them the freedom to experiment and generate creative ideas.
Lively and vibrant campuses are complemented with facilities that equal the best in the world at NIFT. Creative architecture and spaciousness defines all NIFT buildings, which house fully equipped lecture rooms, design studios and laboratories, resource centres, activity centres and hostels. The education structure emphasises hands-on experience through practical set-ups and state-of-the-art technology.

Academic Infrastructure

Computer Labs
In the new age of technological advancements, the success of fashion professionals rests on their ability to integrate fashion and information technology in a meaningful way. The information technology infrastructure is playing a key role in providing an ITenabled learning environment, with the objective of developing computer savvy, well-rounded professionals. All academic departments maintain computer labs thereby integrating IT with the academics. The computer labs are well equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software like Macintosh servers and work stations, Computers, Plotters, Digitizers, Image Scanners, Wide Format Printers, Sound Mixers, Digital Cameras, etc.
All NIFT campuses are covered by the National Knowledge Network (NKN) with connecting speed of 100Mbps/1 Gbps. Video conferencing facilities are available for inter-Campus communication. NIFT campuses have fully Wi-Fi enabled setups offering access to secure Internet for the students and faculty. This allows learning to move outside the classroom where students can discuss, learn and grow. All academic programmes of NIFT offer IT applications as part of their curricula.
NIFT imparts teaching inputs in industry specific CAD software for Apparel Design, Textile Design, Graphic Design and Accessory Design programmes. Apart from the specialized industry specific software, IT inputs for Animation, 2D/3D Modeling, Photo Imaging and Editing, Enterprise Resource Planning, Product Lifecycle Management, Production Planning and Scheduling; Statistical Analysis and Web Programming are integrated into the academic curriculum.

Art Labs and Studios
The institute promotes brilliance without boundaries. Students from different disciplines are encouraged to use art labs & studios across disciplines. This integrated approach to learning promotes interactivity, arriving at one creative language. The Institute invests in the latest equipment to introduce the updated teaching practices to the class set.

Photography Lab
The Department of Fashion Communication maintains a photography lab that includes the most advanced hardware used by domain experts. It is equipped with state-of-the-art suspended Elinchrom lights and motorized backdrops, various accessories like diffusing materials, extensions & radio triggers, Manfrotto tilt-pan tripods etc. enhance the learning experience for students. The infrastructure provided not only helps students develop awareness of old and new photography practices but also assists them in realizing ambitious production based projects.

Patternmaking and Draping labs
Course disciplines imparting inputs in apparel design & apparel technology, maintain pattern making & draping labs. These labs are stocked with specialized pattern making tables & dress forms sourced internationally. The infrastructure provides an environment that allows the students to rigorously apply and contextualize concepts and processes of realizing garments. These labs are the breeding ground for heightened creativity, unique approach and innovative perspectives in relation to garment making.

Weaving Lab
Textile Design Department maintains a weaving lab that is equipped with tabletop sample looms, offering an effective integration of theoretical and practical inputs to students. The infrastructure provides a creative space for students to arrive at a wholistic approach to enquiry and exploration from an individual perspective in relation to materials, processes and methods within the domain of woven structures.

Dyeing & Printing Lab
Most NIFT campuses are equipped with a Dyeing & Printing lab that is maintained by the Textile Design Department. The lab provides a stimulating learning environment where the students test their theoretical knowledge by gaining practical insight and exposure. The infrastructure allows the students to understand, appreciate and learn different dyeing and printing techniques.

Technology Labs
NIFT realises the significance of the role of Technology in modern technical education. The technology labs not only support the classroom teaching but also enhance academic deliverance by providing practical insight to the students. The Institute has developed well-stocked Technology labs at all campuses.

Knitwear Lab
The Department of Knitwear Design is equipped with state of the art machinery required to familiarize the student with industry set-ups. This includes specialized machines for seaming and finishing finegauge circular knit fabric as well as manual flat-knitting and linking machines. The laboratories house computerized flat and circular knitting machines, facilitating an understanding of CAD. This infrastructure provides the students with an opportunity to explore practically and develop design possibilities in their field.

Garment Technology Lab
Most NIFT campuses are equipped with specialized labs specific to garment technology. RFID fitted lab, ETON system lab, patternmaking lab etc., provide a complete learning environment to students creating a pathway to unmatched career opportunities in the apparel industry. The infrastructure provides an ideal sensitization to contemporary practice in apparel technology methods and techniques.

Accessory Design Lab
Owing to a strong industrial approach, Accessory Design Department maintains a state-of-the-art lab that houses machines & equipment essential to material handling techniques, model and prototype making. Laser cutting machines and metal & wood lathes allow the students to integrate theoretical knowledge with substantial practical learning. Determined by the Campus-specific course specialization, the lab provides a stimulating workspace for students to acquire a wholistic understanding of machinery and material.

Leather design Lab
The Department of Leather Design allows students to gain hands on experience in processes and methods in relation to handling leather as a material. The department maintains a well-equipped lab that houses the latest technology in sewing and finishing for leather apparel & accessories. Infrastructural framework of machinery for cutting, sewing, fusing, engraving, embossing, skiving, etc. helps students develop an understanding of practical knowhow to realize their design potential to the fullest.

Amphitheaters & Auditoriums
NIFT aims at providing an exceptional student experience. The institute promotes academic inclusiveness but with an equal focus on student development through co-curricular opportunities. In most campuses, the amphitheatre is the hub of all student activity. Interesting architecture and high-end infrastructure allows students to indulge in a variety of activities in the amphitheatre. Film nights, dance recitals, music shows, intracollegiate & inter-collegiate events are mostly conducted in the amphitheatre. Emphasizing on all round development of its students, the institute houses stateof- the-art halls / auditoriums. Some NIFT campuses are equipped with world-class hydraulic ramps that provide an in-house infrastructural framework for fashion shows and other creative pursuits. The halls / auditoriums provide the venue for peer and industry interaction through talk shows, seminars, exhibition & display.

Others Facilities

Resource Centre
The National Resource Centre at New Delhi and the Resource Centre at each NIFT centre are pillars of information and knowledge management. Each Resource Centre has an integrated collection of print, visual and creative material resources: the only systematically documented source of information available in India for study of international and contemporary Indian fashion. The Resource Centres also provide information services to the design community, industry practitioners and entrepreneurs.

The collections at the RCs include:

  • Books and periodicals
  • National and international fashion and textile journals
  • Audio-visuals
  • International collections of YSL, Chanel, Armani, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.
  • Indian collections of Ritu Kumar, Hemant Trivedi, Rohit Bal, Sunit Verma, etc., and collections of NIFT students
  • Textile collections

Services offered:

  • Reference Service
  • Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
  • Bibliographic Service
  • Indexing Service
  • Circulation service
  • Reprographics Service
  • Colour Service

Conference Halls
The Institute houses spacious conference/seminar halls that serve as perfect meeting grounds for presentations, interaction and discussions.

The amphitheaters and auditoria at NIFT centres are ideal for student presentations and collection showings.

Recreation Zone
The Student activity clubs, namely, Cultural & Dramatic Club, Sports, Adventure & Photography Club, Literary Club and Environment & Social Service Club organise a wide spectrum of entertainment, sports and leisure activities on a regular basis. The NIFT campuses have ample space to host events, allowing students to pursue their individual interests and work towards social concerns.

A variety of food and a friendly atmosphere make the cafeterias ideal for students to relax and interact with their peers.

Health Care
Medical aid is provided on the campus. A doctor and nurse are available to take care of general and specific ailments. A psychologist is also available on campus to counsel the students.

NIFT provides residential accommodation for girls at all centres. Permanent hostel facilities are available within the campus at Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Raebareli. Though NIFT does not have campus hostel facilities at New Delhi, Kolkata and Gandhinagar, sufficient residential accommodation has been organised for girls. All NIFT hostels are run on a no profit/no loss basis. At Raebareli, on-campus hostel accommodation has been made available for boys as well.
All the hostel premises including the ones being run by hiring private residential accommodation are provided with round the clock professional security, a doctor on call and hostel wardens. Recreation facilities like T.V., magazines, some indoor and outdoor games are also available at the hostels.

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