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B. Des. (Accessory Design) Faculties Portfolio  


Specializations Accessory Design is a bachelor programme that is one of its kind in the country. It has a well-defined curriculum for developing integrated expertise in design methodology, materials and production process, consumer behavior and market dynamics, trends and forecast interpretations, business practices and project management in the field of fashion and lifestyle accessories. A strong industry orientation is reflected in its credo ‘Design for Business’ with the most successful industry education interface in student learning. The programme has gradually evolved to address the entire spectrum of accessories and lifestyle products, precious and costume jewellery, leather goods, footwear, watches, giftware, tableware, silverware, other lifestyle products and visual merchandising. Each NIFT centre is expected to provide national leadership in the area of its specialisation. This will enhance the intensity and depth of each category of specialisation and will address design, management, marketing and technological issues, within specific product categories

Jewellery and Precious Products

Product range: Precious Jewellery, Costume Jewellery, Silverware, Giftware using Precious Metals and Precious Stones.

Accessory Design program prepares students for careers as Designers, Brand Managers, Visual Merchandisers, Product Managers and Entrepreneurs in the broad areas of  precious and costume jewellery, leather goods, giftware, tableware, watches, footwear, handicrafts and lifestyle products within the specialization offered at different centers.

Placements are in companies like Tanishq, Kama Jewelers Gili etc. . .  .


  1. Jewellery Design

Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Surat in Gujarat are famous centers of jewellery manufacturing and marketing in India. Whereas the industry in Ahmedabad is strong at Design and Rajkot & Surat are Technology Driven. This industry requires professionally trained human resource at all levels. This course will help to bridge this gap between design and technology in this industry. 

This program can be taken up by students or professionals who wish to work as merchandiser and/ or managers at Export houses or retail Jewellery Businesses


Merchandiser, Head Merchandiser, Visual Merchandiser, Exports Managers, Supply Chain Managers, Retail Manager 

  1. (JRM) Jewellery Retail and Export Management

Manufacturers on small scale to larger scales are also involved in exports. Whereas the industry in Ahmedabad is strong at Design and Rajkot & Surat are Technology Driven. This industry requires professionally trained human resource at all levels. There are also many outlets and Brands in the Retail of Jewellery. Thus a merger of the retail and the Export; is structured in this course for entrepreneurs and Jewellery Business Holders. This program can be taken up by professionals who wish to work as merchandisers and managers at export houses and for Jewellery retail industry which is in boom. This course will help to bridge this gap between design and management in the industry.

Course Contents


1       Drawing
2       Form Studies / Form & Space          
3       History of Design        
4       Photography    
5       Technical Studies I – Materials & Process I
6       Fabrication and Machining Skills    
7       Computer Application III - 3D MAX BASICS
8       Design Methodology
9       DM – Prototyping & Documentation 


1       Professional Communication and Documentation Techniques
2       Fashion Studies I - History of Fashion
3       Technical Drawing
4       Technical Studies II - Materials and Processes     
5       Marketing 1
6       Computer application IV (Auto CAD)
7       DP-1 Simple Design Project
8       DP-1 SDP Prototyping 


1       Surface Orientation
2       Human Factors & Ergonomics         
3       Fashion Studies-II Trends & Forecast
4       Technical Studies III – Technical Science
5       Marketing – II
6       Computer Application V – JEWEL CAD     
7       DP – II Cluster Initiative
8       DP – II Cluster Documentation        
9       DP – III Hardware Design & Product Detailing
10     DP – III HDP Prototyping       


1       Independent Studies  
2       Technical Studies IV – Production Process and Planning
3       Intellectual Property Rights
4       Electives
5       Marketing III – Principles of Marketing
6       Computers VI – 3DS MAX / Maya
7       DP IV - Packaging Design
8       DP IV - Prototyping     
9       DP V - Range Design
10     DP V - RD - Prototyping


1       Colloquium Paper
2       Internship Presentation & (Internship Guideline)
3       Electives – 1     
4       Electives – 2
5       Electives Common
6       Professional Procedure         
7       DP VI – Retail Product & Environment       
8       DP VI – RPE Prototyping & Documenting
9       Design Project VII
10     Design Project VII - Prototyping


         Graduation Project.