The National Institute of Fashion Technology Jodhpur, a premier academic institute of design, management and technology, aims at establishing the benchmark for the quality of professionals that go into the fashion industry. The Institute provides comprehensive and state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment to impart both practical and theoretical training. The facilities and services offered to the students allow them the freedom to experiment and generate creative ideas.
Lively and vibrant campuses are complemented with facilities that equal the best in the world at NIFT Jodhpur. Creative architecture and spaciousness defines buildings, which house fully equipped lecture rooms, design studios and laboratories, resource centres, activity centres and hostels. The education structure emphasises hands-on experience through practical set-ups and state-of-the-art technology.


High Quality Lecture Rooms
Well-equipped classrooms use advanced teaching methodology, designed for highly interactive sessions.

IT Savvy Education
A highly facilitate IT LAB is available at jodhpur Campus have more then 70 pcs and Going to establish a new MAC lab.

Resource Centre

The National Resource Centre at Jodhpur is pillars of information and knowledge management. Resource Centre has an integrated collection of print, visual and creative material resources: the only systematically documented source of information available in India for study of international and contemporary Indian fashion. The Resource Centre also provide information services to the design community, industry practitioners and entrepreneurs.

RC Facility:

  • Books and periodicals
  • National and international fashion and textile journals
  • Audio-visuals
  • International collections of YSL, Chanel, Armani, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. 
  • Indian collections of Ritu Kumar, Hemant Trivedi, Rohit Bal, Sunit Verma, etc., and collections of NIFT students
  • Textile collections

Conference Halls
The Institute houses spacious conference/seminar halls that serve as perfect meeting grounds for presentations, interaction and discussions.

The amphitheaters and auditoria at NIFT, Jodhpur centre is ideal for student presentations and collection showings.

Recreation Zone

For the betterment of student diffrent active clubs are formed and are working on diffrent aspects like sports, cultural activity and lots more.

A variety of food and a friendly atmosphere make the cafeterias ideal for students to relax and interact with their peers.

Health and Medical facility
Medical aid is provided on the campus. A doctor and nurse are available to take care of general and specific ailments. For transportation Car facility is also available for student.


NIFT Jodhpur provides residential accommodation for both boys and girls.Hostel premises including security, a doctor on call and hostel wardens. Recreation facilities like T.V., magazines, some indoor and outdoor games are also available at the hostels.

Hostel Information

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