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  • M. F. M. (Master of Fashion Management)
M. F. M. (Master of Fashion Management) Faculties  


Degree: Master of  Fashion Management    (M. F. M. )

2 years


The objective of the two-year Master Programme in Fashion Management is to develop managerial talents in the field of fashion marketing, merchandising and retailing best suited to the requirements of the garment export and fashion retail sectors. Students undergo rigorous education in buying, merchandising (retail and export), retail operations, advertising, forecasting, international marketing, international trade practices and project formulation. They are exposed to creative merchandising/marketing, innovative fashion management practices, direction of fashion trends and business practises through field visits and industry internships. They have the right blend of hard and soft skills and possess the right attitude to enter the middle management of any growing organisation.

The programme has a right pool of talents, in-house and from major prominent institutions like IIM Ahmedabad, MICA, NIRMA and NID, besides industry experts taking regular sessions. The curriculum is unique and designed to meet the specific need of the fashion industry across the functional and operational areas. A right approach of pedagogy used  ranging from Case Method, Role Plays, Presentations, Group Assignments, Seminars, Symposiums, and talks along with regular industry interface.  The fusion of marketing and merchandising in a unique manner with a strong management orientation in the programme creates a versatile manager for the global fashion industry.

Program Structure

Semester I

  • Basic Product & Manufacturing related Knowledge: Design, Fabric, Patterns, etc.
  • Principles of Fashion Marketing, Management & Retailing
  • Economic Analysis & Statistics
  • Human Resource Management
  • Information Technology
  • Minor Research Project

Semester II

  • Marketing Research & Consumer Behaviour
  • Global Textiles & Apparel Product Market Characteristics
  • Retail Merchandising & Advanced Export Merchandising
  • Quantitative Techniques & Operations Research
  • Fashion Forecasting & Product Development
  • Supply Chain Management & E-Business
  • Management Accounting

Semester III

  • Marketing Strategies & Brand Management
  • International Marketing
  • Financial Management & International Finance
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Intellectual Property Rights

Semester IV

  • Graduation Research Project

Content :

Year -1

In the first year, the programme introduces the concepts and principles of marketing, merchandising and management with a focus on fashion business. Product related knowledge and marketing skills are the thrust areas.  Towards the end of the year, the students are exposed to the dynamics of an organization through an eight-week fashion industry internship and training programme, which enables them to integrate classroom learning with practical experience.

Year -2

In the second year, the emphasis is on application of knowledge and skills acquired in the first year.  As a part of the curriculum, the students carry out sectoral studies and involve themselves in rural development projects. They also undertake company sponsored graduation research projects to integrate the  learning of previous semesters.