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Category Fees in Rs
NIFT Alumni (NIFT Degree/ Diploma holders only)
Security deposit (Refundable) 5000.00  
Annual fees 1500.00  
Students of CE Programmes 
Security Deposit - One year (Refundable) 3000.00  
Annual fees (More than six months) 2500.00  
Annual fee (six months or less, Reference only) 1250.00  
Academic Institutions  
Security Deposit (Refundable) 5,000.00  
Annual fee (individual faculty / student for 1 card) 1000.00  

(Rs1000/- scalable per extra card both in security and membership. Membership is granted to a limited number of students & faculty of listed institutions only. Membership to students is granted for the duration of the academic session only)

Corporate membership:  
Security Deposit (Up to five members) 10,000.00  
Annual fee (Up to five members) 5000.00  
Security deposit , additional per card  2000.00  
Annual fee, additional per member 2000.00  

(The application of the form should be signed by an authorized signatory of the firm with seal of the office. Minimum two borrowers' cards with two access cards will be issued to the firm only. All cards are transferable. Security deposit of Rs.10,000.00 can be utilized for five borrowers' cards only. For additional cards the firm will pay additional fees. All dealings will be with the authorized signatory of the firm only. Membership cards will be handed over only on production of a letter of authorization from the firm. The firm will be responsible for all borrowed items.)

Others (Individuals)
Security Deposit (refundable)


Annual fee 


Annual fee (Reference only)


Fees for special services  

A member can avail of annual forecast membership only after registering as a member in any of the above categories.

Forecast Service (Annual fee)


Forecast Service (Annual fee for industry members only )  
non-transferable single membership , per member


Forecast service (Annual fee for industry members only)  
transferable membership ,per card at a time one entry


Per person one day visit - including forecast (Alumni) 300.00  
Per person one day visit - including forecast (Industry) 500.00  
Per person one day visit - excluding forecast 100.00  
Pantone colour chips, paper edition, for members only)   25.00  
Promostyl Pantone Chips   75.00  
Video/Slide/CD viewing charges per hour in the RC only  300.00  
Photocopying charges, A4 (B & W)      2.00  
Photocopying charges, A4 (Colour)   30.00  
Photocopying charges, A3 (B & W)     3.00  
Photocopying charges, A3 (Colour)   40.00  
Mode of Payment

Payment of fees only in cash or demand draft drawn in favour of NIFT, Kolkata. A member will submit two passport size photographs (three photographs, if the member opts for forecast membership) along with duly filled application form and receipt from accounts office or draft. . One access card will be issued to each member that he/she is required to carry whenever he/she visits RC. Members who pay for borrowing facilities will also get bar-coded borrowers' cards. Forecast cards will be issued to all those who opt for forecast services.

Terms and Conditions
  • A member, except a student, is registered for a year only. All students are registered for the duration of their courses only.

  • The membership cards are non-transferable. The member will be responsible for use/misuse of his/her cards.

  • The member must notify any change of address, telephone numbers and email ids.

  • A member can borrow only one book against the borrower's card. If a member fails to pay the overdue fines, the borrower's card will not be returned.

  • If a member fails to return an overdue book within 180 days from the due date three times the cost of the borrowed book and over due fines (Rs. 5/- per day) will be deducted from the security deposit.

  • In case the member misplaces a borrower's card or a borrowed book he/she must notify the Head Librarian in writing within a day of the loss. He/she will either replace the same title (same or latest edition) or pay three times the cost of the book with overdue fines. Fines for lost cards should also be paid for before new cards are issued.

  • Photocopying, photography and scanning of forecasts and audio-visual materials are not permitted.

  • Personal books, periodicals, CDs, photo clippings, colour cards and fabric swatches should not be carried inside RC. Costumes and fashion accessories, not worn on person, are not allowed inside RC.

  • Personal bags, briefcases, camera kit, eatables and drinks are not permitted inside RC. RC is not responsible for loss of any belongings from the property counter or inside RC.

  • The staff of RC and the security guards can check all the belongings of a person or frisk anybody upon suspicion of carrying any un issued material. If any member/visitor is caught carrying any un issued material out of RC, he/she will pay a fine of Rs.1000.00 at the circulation counter. A member will be debarred for six months only.

  • A member must clear all the dues before applying for renewal. All the cards i.e., the access card, the borrower's card and the forecast card, should be deposited at the time of renewal.

  • The security deposit will be refunded upon clearance of all dues. The application for refund of security deposit must be submitted along with a photocopy of the bank receipt and expired membership cards.