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Campus Infrastructure

NIFT Chennai is equipped with all necessary state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities for all the courses. Starting from the dedicated Material workshop, Machine room and Computer lab for the common Foundation Programme to Pattern making & Garment construction (Sewing) Lab for various other departments, the centre has a balanced setup.

Art rooms and class rooms for all the required courses are well set up. Specialised labs and workshops for Knit (Flat knitting, Circular knitting, Shima seiki etc.,) & Leather products and Lifestyle accessories add values. A well-structured Photography studio and a Mac lab as graphic design studio are also part of NIFT Chennai.

To hold, organise, conduct and perform various presentations and cultural activities, the campus has two auditoriums. For sports, the campus is equipped with an outdoor basketball court, a Futsol. Not to miss the in-campus popular ‘Outer courtyard’ for all beautiful amalgamation of various activities!