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The 1st Convocation Ceremony of NIFT Kangra took place in 2013, the year that marks the point of departure of an ongoing journey of NIFT Kangra and its Alumni. Since then, the Alumni of NIFT Kangra have already made their mark in the industry.

It is worth mentioning some of the Alumni of NIFT Kangra to acknowledge as well as celebrate the success stories of the Alumni of NIFT Kangra in particular and NIFT in general as follows:

I. Mr. Avadesh Kumar Singh (FD, Batch 2013) and Ms. Tanushree Gupta (FD, Batch 2013) have founded the brand: ‘The Four Horsemen’.
II. Mr. Kumar Gaurav Govind (FD, Batch 2013) has founded the brand ‘Herbida’.
III. Ms. Monica Gupta (FC, Batch 2013) and Ms. Shruti Dhuria (FC, Batch 2014) have founded the studio: ‘Devolv’.
IV. Shailender Tiwari (BFTech, 2015) has founded Wolkus Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. V. Ms. Saina Nagpal (FD, Batch 2016) and Mr. Saveen Verma (FD, Batch 2016) have founded the brand ‘Oracra’.

NIFT Kangra graduates have pursued their higher studies at prestigious institutes in India and abroad and have been working at esteemed companies such as Trident, Leoburnett, NappaDori, Urban Ladder, IKEA, Uber, Bodice, Gaurav Gupta Studio, J.J. Exports, NIKE, KAZO Fashion Pvt. Ltd, Impluse India Pvt. Ltd, Paytm, Limeboard, Vertiver and so on.