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Assistant Professor, Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories

Educational Background – Ph.D.

Title of Dissertation – Hazardless Printmaking in India-Scope and Acceptability

Area of Teaching and Research - Fine Arts (Different medium-water color, oil color, acrylic, charcoal, print making, intaglio & relief printing), Art, Design & Aesthetics, Costume Jewelry, Costume Accessories, Sketching & Rendering, Digital Drawing, Sustainability.

Brief Introduction –

Dr. Stuti Sonker serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories, where is also fulfill the role of Student Development Activity Coordinator (SDAC). She holds a Post Graduate degree from College of Arts and Crafts, Faculty of Fine Arts Department, University of Lucknow, as well as a Ph.D. from same institution. In the year 2014, she successfully qualified for the UGC-NET. Furthermore, she completed a six months training program at the National Research Laboratory for Conservation (NRLC) of cultural property.

With a solid background in Fine Arts and nine years of experience in academia, she has excelled in her field. In previous year, she served as the Incharge of the Resource Centre. Her area of specialization includes Printmaking, Digital Sketching & Abstract Art. Additionally, she has contributed significantly to the field of Fine Arts through numerous publications.

Ms. Stuti Sonker