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NIFT Rae Bareli is undertaking major initiatives in Handicraft & Handloom sectors in rural areas towards design development, technological upgradation and skill development in order to assist the craftsmen in economic sustainability. Some of the major ongoing consultancy projects currently undertaken by NIFT Raebareli are as under

1. NIFT Raebareli has successfully imparted training to 90 Khadi Kamgars/workers during the financial year 2016-17 mainly in pattern making and garment construction and Surface Design Techniques (SDT) to improve the skills of ‘Khadi Kamgars’ and quality of existing apparel. A ‘Khadi Design Fashion Showcase’ was also organized in Lucknow as part of this Khadi project.

2. NIFT Raebareli is providing its valuable services for Design & Sample Development of uniform for Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation, Lucknow for the following officials:-

  • Station Controller/ Train Operator
  • Customer Relation Assistant (CRA)
  • Ticket selling staff at ticket operating machine (TOM)
  • Maintainersni

3. NIFT Raebareli is also executing a project Named, “ Upgrading the Skill and Training  in Traditional Art/ Crafts for Development” (USTTAD) with the prime objective of building capacity of master craftsmen/ artisans and training of young generation through the master craftsmen/ artisans for traditional arts./ crafts,  to enhance their employability and to enable minorities to avail opportunity in growing market.