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Postal Uniform:
NIFT was given the task of re-designing the uniform for the postal department. The NIFT team presented various options for colour, fabric composition and styles after detailed research into the requirements of the stakeholders. Several sets of prototypes for garments and accessories were made after each feedback. The final samples were approved by the Client and delivered by the NIFT Team.

IKEA Collaborated with NIFT Delhi Campus for developing a design collection called SVÄRTAN, that was inspired from India and launched in August 2016 across all IKEA stores of the world. The workshop was organized by IKEA officials in collaboration with well-known Swedish designer Mr. Martin Bergström and students of NIFT Delhi Campus.

25 Students of NIFT New Delhi were involved in the workshop for developing design concepts for SVÄRTAN. The whole collection has been produced in India, and it uses many traditional techniques and natural materials.