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Bead Workshop: F&LA Department of Gandhinagar organised the Bead Work Workshop for Accessory Design (AD) -IV students under Craft Cluster activities of NIFT and sponsored by Development Commissioner(Handicrafts), New Delhi. Artisans of Bhavnagar cluster visited NIFT Gandhinagar and interacted with AD students. Students learned to make Bead accessories such as Jewellery, Table top accessories and Home décor items.

Wooden Patra Workshop:NIFT Gandhinagar had conducted the Wooden Patra Workshop for semester-IV students of F&LA Department. In the Workshop artisans of Ahmedabad Cluster were invited in the NIFT Gandhinagar to interact with students. The workshop was part of NIFT Craft Cluster activities and sponsored by Development Commissioner(Handicrafts), New Delhi.

Stone Craft: F&LA department had carried out craft based design Project at Surendranagar. In this project students have spent 15 days in cluster and provided design services to the cluster Artisan

Copper Coating Bell Craft :F&LA Department students of Semester-V visited the Copper Coating Bell Craft at Kutch under the subject Craft Based Design Project. They designed a collection of accessories in bell craft and the same was exhibited.

     Weaving & block printing: The students visited weaving and block printing clusters  in and   around  Ahmedabad city.The students interacted with the artisans and documented the craft.

     Textile Design–Design intervention and collaboration with master weavers for Mashru/Patola, Patan.

Fashion Communication – Craft Cluster Workshops on Plaster of Paris, Puppet making, Idol making, Papier  Mache, Block printing, Kite making.