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SN Continuing Education (CE) Programmes Duration Coordinators

Garment Production Technology and Apparel Design (GPTAD)

GPTAD Brochure 2024-25

GPTAD Poster

How to Apply

12 Months

Dr. Amar Tewari
Mr. Vimal Singh
(Assistant Professor)



PG Diploma in Fashion Innovation and Sustainable Design for Circularity


About the program


12 Months

Mr. Asit Bhatt
(Associate Professor)
Dr. Kruti Dholakia
(Associate Professor)

3 Jewellery Design and Basics of Manufacturing 6 Months

Mr. Sunil Kumar
(Assistant Professor)
Mr. Gaurav Sharma
(Assistant Professor)

4 Digital Marketing , E-commerce and traditional retail 12 Months (Online)

Dr. Jagrati Mishra
(Associate Professor)
Mr. Bhasker Banerjee
(Associate Professor)

Application Form

For details contact:

Mr. Manish Bhargava
(Assoc.Prof. & CE Coordinator)

Contact No.: 079 23265051