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Endgame for garment exports?

The sector needs radical restructuring to survive


Ritu Kumar

Fashion designer


Tees, watches, rings: Ambedkar is the new fashion rage online

Birth anniversary articles featuring the national icon become a rage among Dalit youngsters, sell like hot cakes online


Rafoogars explain why they are invisible, like their work

Darning ; The art and science of damage control


‘We want 50% stores in tier I and the other half, in tier II’

Janne Einola, CEO & Country Head, H&M India


Naturally beautiful

Paridhi Burathoki works with natural materials such as paper, cement, leather to create designs of zen-like beauty.


Man of the moment

Mayank Mansingh Kaul is ubiquitous at every new intersection of textile


The fashion of politics

How our politicians are asserting their style, even within the confines of their ‘uniforms’ of saris and kurta-pyjamas. Also pitting BJP’s dominant colour palette against Congress’ sartorial understatement


Crafting a Business

Shilpa Sharma, co-founder of Jaypore, on the offline store and why we need to contemporise Indian crafts


Making haute design accessible

The first edition of Design Fabric Festival kicks off today bringing together a host of desi and international talent


Time to get high and mighty

This summer, step out in style by sporting these high-waisters that are breezy, versatile and uber-chic. City experts tell us more!


Saora paintings travel from tribal homes to living rooms overseas

Traditional art of an indigenous community now offers livelihood to its talented artists


Bend it like Bordoloi

The Assamese furniture designer, who will be showcasing at Singapore’s Red Dot Design Museum, on his love for unconventional materials and why he uses the traditional hammering technique


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