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Diversified career options for Accessory Design

Accessories are personal objects, that relate functionally, conceptually and aesthetically to people and their environment. The course involves exploring, processing and experimenting with thoughts, ideas & materials in order to establish a platform for new ideas and a powerful personal expression.The programs adopt a spectrum of knowledge transaction methods which include lectures, Projects (studio, live & collaborative), Group work, Field trips (traditional & contemporary), Self-study, Presentations & reflections. Students are immersed in traditional craft techniques as well as the use of smart digital tools. By the end of the course, the student will have in-depth knowledge, both practical and theoretical, of the fashion accessory design process and a clear understanding of the broader cultural and social context of design. She will also be able toengage confidently, professionally and successfully with the domestic fashion accessory industry and withthe international fashion accessories landscape.


Accessory Design graduates have been able to carve a niche for themselves in traditional as well as emerging sectors of global fashion industry space namely jewellery, body gears, home accessories, craft, furniture, footwear, bag, interiors, and in the realm of Designing experiences. Our graduates have also been able to tap the potential of emerging markets such as User Interface and Experience design, smart wearables, Consumer interface design and product design and online market channels. Many Accessory Design graduates are successful entrepreneurs today.

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