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Placement 2023



The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) is recognized as premier institute for fashion education that continuously evolves it self to keep abreast to the changing market trends. Set up in 1986, NIFT is the pioneering institute of fashion education in India and has been in the vanguard of providing professional human resource to the textile and apparel industry through its 18 campuses. NIFT was made a statutory institute in 2006 by an Act of the Indian Parliament with the President of India as ‘Visitor’. The emphasis has been to train students to derive from the core strength of art and culture and apply it to the modern and dynamic world of fashion.

At NIFT, we are proud of the dynamic and motivated students who are mentored and supported to take on the challenges and opportunities that await them in the Industry. The graduates of NIFT understand the nuances of fashion business spanning art, craft, technology and strategy and have acquired the skill sets that will make them adapt to the growing needs of the industry.

Graduates of NIFT have been provided cutting edge understanding through exposure to emerging challenges, developments, techniques,technology and practice from all over the world.During their programme at NIFT, the students undergo ametamorphosis for unfolding their potential, developing skills and stimulating intellectual growth. Their latent potential is honed by committed and skilled faculty drawn from the academia and industry.We are aware of the fact that fashion industry wants professionals having multi-skill sets and we have trained our students accordingly.

The Campus Placements provides a platform for the graduating students from various disciplines of the two years post graduate, and four years undergraduate programmes to realise their professional dreams and ambitions and thus requires the keen and sustained participation of employer organisations. NIFT graduates carry the energy,creativity, skill, technical know-how and the legacy of their predecessors to merge as in valuableassets to the organisations that they are inducted into.

Industry Engagement

The new curriculum of NIFT attempts to give the student a rich repertoire of experience and understanding that will hopefully inculcate a desire and a capability for lifelong learning and will stand him or her in good stead in these disruptive times of change. Industry engagement is envisaged as a learning process which, by providing exposure to the students in real life working environment as part of an academic curriculum helps them to develop and enhance academic, personal and professional competencies coupled with deeper understanding of the ethics and values that distinguish a good professional. A significant part of the engagement programme is based on regulated exposure of the students to the industry environment as part of the course curriculum under the guidance of both academia and industry.

The revised curriculum structure of NIFT arrived through deliberations, workshops and interactions involving internal experts and eminent academicians, industrialists and NIFT Alumni envisaged the necessity and importance of Industry engagement through

  • Interaction with Industry leaders and alumni in the classroom
  • Sponsored classroom projects
  • Industry visits
  • Exposure to exhibitions and fairs
  • Internships
  • Joint research endeavours
  • hands on practical learning experience in industry environment

to be transacted within the curriculum structure. Critical to this new perspective would be the planning of Industry Engagements and scheduling them in coordination with the industries as per the requirement to transact the new curriculum in the UG & PG Programmes offered by NIFT and its campuses.


Placement Process at NIFT

The National Institute of Fashion Technology has a centralized placement process. Companies can employ students from any campus or course of the institute through two routes which are facilitated by the institute:
On Campus Placements
Companies can register for campus placements, the schedule of which is given for 2023. Up on being given a confirmed time and date, they may come to the campus for the placement procedure.

Pre-Placement Offers (PPO)
Companies can extend a pre-placement offer to students before the on-campus placement which is considered as a job offer. These offers may be made on the basis of internships/ training/ projects undertaken by the students in the said company. In order to provide fair opportunity to all, companies may inform NIFT of such offers made through the moderated Industry Mentor Feedback Form provided by the institute to ensure students offered PPO are not allowed to participate in further Placement process

Eligibility Criteria for Firms for Campus Placements

The companies visiting the campus shall match the eligibility criteria listed as under for registering to recruit through NIFT Campus Placement:
A company registered under Companies Act of 1956/2013 or a multinational company or global firm having or not having its operations in India conducting business in the fashion or allied sector dealing in the design, manufacturing or distribution.The company may fall under any of the categories mentioned below:
1. First Categorisation -> Product Group
2. Second Categorisation -> Type of Firms
3. Third Categorisation -> Type of skill sets/functions

Past Recruiters at NIFT

NIFT has always been a favourite destination for impeccable designers, creative managers, tech savvy fashion professionals and not only for the leading core companies in fashion business, but also for leading technology, FMCG, media, journalism, consulting and other companies.

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