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The academic head of NIFT is the Dean (Academics). Currently Prof. Dr. Sharmila J. Dua is the Dean of NIFT.

The Departments:

  • Department of Fashion Design (Chairperson : Prof. Dr. Malini Divakala)

  • Department of Textile Design (Chairperson : Dr. Ruby Sood)

  • Department of Leather Design (Chairperson : Prof. Rahul Sethi)

  • Department of Knitwear Design (Chairperson : Ms. Sunitha Vasan, Associate Professor)

  • Department of Fashion and Lifestyle Accessories (Chairperson : Dr. Yathindra L, Associate Professor)

  • Department of Fashion Communication (Chairperson : Prof. Anupam Jain)

  • Department of Design Space (Chairperson : Mr. Nitin Kulkarni, Assistant Professor)

  • Department of Fashion Management Studies (Chairperson : Mr. Annaji Sarma, Associate Professor)

  • Department of Fashion Technology (Chairperson : Prof. Jomichan Pattahil)

  • Foundation Programme (Chairperson : Ms. Savita S. Rana, Associate Professor)

Every department is headed by a Chairperson, who is responsible for the overall management of the course curriculum. There are course coordinators in each campus.