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Diversified Career Options

The nature of fashion has evolved beyond its association with apparel, to become multi-disciplinary and multi-dimensional. Its approach to various concepts, material, technology, craftsmanship, culture, business, economics, promotion, consumption and innovation now tends to creating unexplored areas that present immense scope for study and research. ‘Master of Design’ degree caters to this multi-disciplinary and dynamic nature of job profiles that seek professionals who can work in versatile environments. Research is one of the tools that empower one to take up challenges, which may emerge in contemporary complex systems. Therefore, this course builds its specializations based on the foundation of design thinking and research practice.

Students are provided with options for forming their own Career Pathways to create new avenues from varied areas of interest. The unique aptitude and ability of each student is recognized and honed through specialized training and skill development during the course of two years. Students from different disciplines provide multi-dimensional and innovative thought construct for providing critical and creative solutions to future problems. 

Master of design

Graduates of this programme would be equipped to hold key positions in large fashion, design or corporate houses in the areas of Craft, Textiles, Special Needs, Publications, Media, Lifestyle Products, Graphics and User Experience Design,Curation of Exhibitions & Cultural festivals as well as Educational Programs, Developmental sector, Publication, Media writing & design, User-centered design depending on the area of specialisation pursued by each student. The area of specialization pursued by each student enables individual pathways in the  design industry domains. The graduates would be able to contribute in Research and Development in government and private agencies. The course also prepares students for academic careers.

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