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Diversified Career Options

The objective of the two year Master of Fashion Management (MFM) Programme (erstwhile AMM), started in 1987, is to develop leadership and managerial talents in the fields of management, marketing, merchandising and retailing, honed specifically for the requirements of the garment export, fashion and lifestyle and retail sectors. Students undergo in depth education in management, marketing, buying, merchandising (retail and export), retail operations, forecasting, international marketing, international trade practices and project formulation. 

They are exposed to creative merchandising/marketing, innovative fashion management practices, Information technology developments, directions of fashion trends and business practices through field visits and industry internships. Research, data analysis and decision-making skills are inculcated as part of curriculum. Entrepreneurship is inculcated both as part of curriculum and through various projects. The students are also associated with craft clusters because of which they become better marketers of both handloom and handicraft products, and understand the entrepreneurial challenges of the MSME sector, and the business solutions that are needed.

Fashion Management

Latest innovations in the programme have been in the areas of Mall Management, E-Business and Store Operations. Relevant new areas of study like Intellectual Property Rights, Social Media Marketing, Luxury Management, Services Marketing, e-commerce and the study of Special Product Groups have also been included in the curriculum. Students undertake company sponsored graduation research project with an organization of their choice to integrate the learning of previous semesters to solve problems. Over the last three decades the department and its alumni have shared a rich relationship with the industry, with most of the largest Fashion companies and brands recruiting students - some of which are also being headed by our alumni.

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